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  • How does your service work?
    nvoy is a service that regularly checks each service on your servers for proper operation. It does this the same way a user would access your server - across the Internet. This provides information, not only about the health of your server, but also, the health of the network leading to your server. If a service fails, then you will be notified by your selected notification method - email, pager or cellphone SMS.

    nvoy has mechanisms built in which reduce false alerts. We also have nvoy servers at different geographic locations ensuring that localised network failures don't falsely trigger an alert.

    What type of applications are monitored?
    nvoy monitors HTTP web servers, SMTP/POP3 email servers, ftp, dns and telnet servers. Other protocols are being added as required.

    How will I be notified of alerts?
    Notification can be via email, pager or cellphone SMS. Each service can have seperate recipients nominated - even at different times of the day.

    I monitor my servers in-house. Why should I use your service?
    Often, what seems to be working from within your organisation, isn't available to the rest of the world. nvoy monitors across the Internet, the same way your customers do.

    Do I need to install anything?
    Definitely not. All of the monitoring is part of our service.

    My web server is part of my ISP, do I need to bother with this?
    Yes, perhaps even more so. What guarantee do you have that your ISP's server is up and working? If you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA), is it being met? If your web server is part of your ISP's server, is it overcrowded? Is your ISP's pipe to the Internet sufficient to meet peak demands? These questions and more can be answered using nvoy.

    Does your monitoring cause false hits on my site?
    No. The method we use to test each servce does not cause false hits.

    Is your service free?
    No. How much you value our service depends on how much you value the service your web page delivers or how valuable your email server is. Check out the details on the cost of our service.

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